Meet the Media Guru is a series of events featuring international leaders in digital culture discussing topics that include new models of digital communication, new media, social networking, architecture, fashion, design, art and science, entertainment, environment and economy.

Meet the Media Guru is a project by Maria Grazia Mattei, carried out by Mattei Digital Communication. Since 2005 Meet the Media Guru has organised a series of annual meetings the leaders of digital thinking. Now it has grown into a landmark in the Italian debate on future trends and trajectories.

Meet the Media Guru, in addition to being a popular platform featuring LECTURES meant for the general public, also promotes rather specialised events for the new media, design, visual arts and communication industries. These “special” events named Meet the Media Guru EXECUTIVE consist of opportunities for discussion among a more restricted and dedicated set of professionals and businesses.

With FOCUSES, EVENTS, BOOKS and TOUR, Meet the Media Guru has further expanded its range, which still stands out for an interactive, immersive and engaging communication. The purpose is promoting the free dissemination of ideas and digital culture.

How you can follow our public lectures?

Most Meet the Media Guru lectures are held in English and broadcast in streaming. In the dedicated website streaming section it is also possible to participate actively in the debate by chat, managed and moderated by our team.

The full archive of all video lectures by Meet the Media Guru, in the original language and translated into Italian, are also accessible to everyone online for free. Indeed, we intend to contribute to the dissemination of ideas and innovation.

For the MtMG 10th year anniversary, the program was enriched with a Special Edition titled Future Ways of Living to design how we want to live in the next ten years in collaboration with the Institute without Boundaries | George Brown College of Toronto.


Artistic Director: Maria Grazia Mattei (Mattei Digital Communication)
International Relations and Organization: Sara Angelini 
Communications: Lorenza Delucchi
Social Media: Matteo Camporeale 
Live Newsroom: Nicola Bruno, Lorenza Delucchi, Matteo Camporeale
Audience Reception: Matteo Camporeale 
Press Office: Silvia Introzzi, Camilla Palma (Manzoni 22)
Visual communication: Chiara Diana, Alessandro Boscarino
Director: Claudio Prati (AiEP)
Photographers: Paolo Sacchi
Technical Service: Events Technology
Translation: Maurizio Boni (Language.it)
Theme Song: Jinglebell
Web design: Francesco Terzini
Web consultant: BigFive
Advisory board: Luigi Ferrara (CDN), Paolo Iabichino (IT), Michele Travierso (CN)







About the Author

MEET THE MEDIA GURU è una piattaforma di incontri sulla cultura digitale e l'innovazione, ideata dalla Mattei Digital Communication. Post your vision #mediaguru